Astronomy Club

Ahalia Astronomy Club is a hub for celestial exploration and education, committed to community outreach, organising regular star-gazing nights, talks by astronomers, and events focused on celestial occurrences.

Our three-storey building houses an observatory with a semicylindrical retractable roof featuring four telescopes, including the CPC 1100 GPS XLT automated goto AL-Az telescope on equatorial mount with a dedicated ZWO 6200 Pro Deep Space astrophotography camera and a 12-inch GSO Dobsonian telescope with a ZWO 662 MC planetary camera. Our facilities also extend beyond observation. We have a 3D printer for crafting telescope components, and a library with subscriptions to well-known astronomy magazines.

The activity room encourages hands-on engagement, particularly for children and amateur astronomers building telescopes and models. A seminar room hosts weekly talks on astronomy and astrophysics.

Our mission is to kindle curiosity about the universe and inspire the next generation of astronomers and astrophysicists..